Commercialization Support Information
Discover promising ideas of citizens and SMBs for products and services applicable to smart city, and support commercialization by sophisticating the ideas and testing them on a small scale
지원사업 현황 다운로드
  • We support test and commercialization of service ideas.
    We support field activities for commercializing service idea, such as platform, network interoperation, operation test, and verification.
  • We support discovering promising business items.
    We provide consulting and technological support to discover promising services through crowd sourcing and competitions of citizens
  • We support fostering 1-person creative businesses.
    We support discovering and commercializing promising ideas with Busan Creative Economy Innovation Center, Centum SW Convergence Cluster, and Busan Mobile App Center.
  • We promote platforms and services by cooperating with institutions.
    We promote expanding cooperation with the the government-private cooperation committee for Busan Smart City, central IoT-related institutions, and global IoT companies.
  • We link promotions and exhibitions in and outside Korea.
    Based on the global city-to-city cooperation, we link various exhibitions in the field.
  • We will foster IoT professionals through the IoT Academy.
    We will help technological improvement of local small and medium venture businesses by link with the Creative Economy Innovation Center and Cisco IoT Academy.